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Linyi kai tai rubber co., LTD is a professional engaged in scrap tire rubber powder、Waste tyre reclaimed rubber and rubber products manufacturers,Was built in2014Years。The main products for all kinds of fine rubber powder、Rubber reinforcing powder、Inner tire reclaimed rubber、High strength tyre reclaimed rubber、Environmental protection smell-free reclaimed rubber、Rubber latex regeneration、Building doors and Windows sealing strip、Rubber fitness equipment, etc。Enterprise covers an area of80000Square meters,The building area

30000Square meters,Has the fixed asset2000More than ten thousand yuan,Existing staff76People,With professional and technical personnel17People。2016Comprehensive processing capacity of waste tires2.5Ten thousand tons。Sales revenue7298Ten thousand yuan,Profit tax

800More than ten thousand yuan,The local party committee、The government grant“Star enterprise”、“Tax contribution to the enterprise”、“The star of the business”Such as the honorary title。

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